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        We are taking a fresh new look at the ever growing popularity of wedding video /dvd production.
        Creating an affordable high quality film worthy of your special day.
            • Shooting in HD, images are sharper and more detailed,  colors are deeper and more vibrant. So you can be safe in the knowledge that your memories will be preserved with the best possible quality for years to come.
            • Footage will be shot with professional HD video cameras and professional edited using broadcasting HD non-linear editing system Avid Media Composer.
            • Flexible service
            • Professionally trained team, works in a sensitive and unobtrusive manner.
            • A creative team, passionate about photo and video.

We have a passion for beautiful events. We have a keen eye towards composition and details. Being a videographer or photographer is about being creative, being relaxed, being on the edge, being inspired and inspirational. It is about being the one person in the room that sees how the light is falling on a shoulder, seeing a tear in someone’s eye, being in the right place at the right time… We are a channel through which you can see. We are the page in which your family history is made…
This is a very important job. We do 200% and take it very seriously. We take a natural and easy-going approach to your wedding coverage. We work discreetly to capture the very essence and the unique flair of your day. We love that every bride and every family is different. We come into the day every time amazed and excited to see what brides and families have imagined and created. We are honored to be invited to be a part of this incredible day in your life.

Over time, our work will become a unique piece of family history that both preserves a defining moment in your life and is something that will entertain you and the whole family again and again in the future...
Let's make history together. Let your wedding journey begin with us.

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A fairytale wedding video coverage with a touch of cinematic class is what we strive to provide. Let us take your friends and family's breath away as, we create a spectacular and an artistic wedding video for your next event.
Our prices are top of the line reasonable and are guaranteed to bring you a vivid, powerful and a captivating wedding DVD.

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